QubeGB Now Supplies Fibre Optic Broadband To Thousands

At the end of the last century the internet moved from dial-up to broadband in the UK. Since then, speeds have continued to increase every few years as technology improved. People and business now have the option of lightning fast broadband via optical cables at very competitive prices. This kind of technology easily allows for speeds that only a few years ago people could only dream of. High speed fibre optic cables used to be high priced, and only installed by big business. As usual with technology though, when usage increases, prices drop. QubeGB is now one of the top installers of fibre optic broadband in the UK.

According to the online QubeGB reviews, the company is at the forefront of the spread of broadband in the UK. Although fibre optic broadband was initially only available to communities close to upgraded exchanges, new technology has meant that many more exchanges now incorporate full or mini capabilities in order to get fibre optic out to many additional customers. Thousands of people can now be connected to a normal exchange that has fibre optice technology installed, while those with just the mini-exchange technology can have up to one hundred people connected.

The QubeGB reviews also mention the fact that the company supplies telephony and IPTV services via these cables as well, it is not all about broadband. As this technology spreads out around the UK, the company will continue to offer its high specification services. All engineers are trained to high standards, which ensures that all installations are completed by professionals. Costs are kept down for the customer by utilizing the infrastructure that is already in place. According to the online reviews such as http://www.business-school.ed.ac.uk/about/event/august-2013/meet-the-entrepreneur-a-joint-event-between-the-e-club-and-mbm-commercial-1664?a=50183 , nothing is ever too much trouble for this company, and they will always do their best to please.